4 Ways Real Estate Agent Reviews Can Fill More Homes

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions many will ever make. It’s an investment and a commitment. Once a homebuyer makes a decision to sign on a home, it is now their responsibility. That’s where, you, the real estate agent comes in! Your prospects need to find you, get along with you, trust you, and feel confident that they are about to move into their dream home. Your real estate agent reviews are your lifeline to your success! Here are the top 4 ways real estate agent reviews can fill more homes.  

1: Your reviews help potential homebuyers trust you. 

Many people who are in the market for a new home, take their time searching through home listings, compiling their favorite ones, and then making a huge decision. Your prospective homebuyers need to be confident that your listings can be trusted before they even consider doing business with you. If they are to trust you with their hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars investment, they need to know that you’re the real deal. 

How will homebuyers trust you if your online reputation has been polluted with fake negative reviews? Yes, that’s right! There is a real possibility that your negative reviews are illegitimate. Whether they were written by other competing real estate agents, disgruntled prospects taking their bad day out on you (not a real experience), or you are victim to a click farm, there are many ways a negative review may not be in compliance with the review platform community guidelines. Lucky for you, something can be done about fake reviews. Learn more about Violations That Qualify Online Reviews for Removal.

As for your genuine online reviews, these are your bread and butter! Your past clients make your website and online presence more trustworthy. It’s okay to request reviews from your past clients. So, ask them to write about their experience on your website and business review pages. You’ll be able to maximize your value as a real estate agent and increase your chances of closing a sale. 

Remember: Online reviews influence a buyer’s decision in a big way! It has been reported by an online marketing firm that 62% of prospective buyers make their decision based on online reviews

2: Maintaining a positive buzz online will help your prospects open their wallets.

Buying a home requires a lot of money. So, how can a real estate agent, like yourself, persuade a potential homebuyer to pounce on their dream home? Well, it’s simple really. Create an irresistible influence with a unmistakably genuine, positive online reputation. A survey released by Invesp stated that 31% of buyers searching for a home tend to spend their dollars on businesses with great reviews. Businesses are synonymous with a businessperson – in your case, a real estate agent. 

If you take the time to cultivate your positive feedback and encourage your past clients to leave a positive review, this will create loyalty to your advocacy. The more positive influence out there on the online frontier, the more likely prospects will want to do business with you, take your home off of the market, and leave you another positive review. Your reviews are basically the same as referrals to your future homebuyers!

3: More positive reviews will increase your website traffic. 

They way homebuyers search for homes nowadays is very different from how things used to be. Your clients often begin their homebuying journey by scouring online listings and real estate websites. 27% of your potential clients will use the Internet to vet businesses before they contact them on a daily basis, according to Bright Local. 

As a real estate agent, you must ensure that your website ranks high and there is enough positive content out there. It will help search engines guide your prospects right to you. A great way to do that is to encourage your customers to leave reviews and make recommendations on your real estate listings. Google’s search ranking algorithm analyzes online reviews because they are rich with relevant keywords. 

The real estate business is a high budget industry. Needless to say, your clients need to trust you and your business. Positive feedback rooted in genuine experiences from your past clients will win the trust of your future buyers. Pair that with exemplary services and they will not be able to resist your next listing. 

More on how to ask your clients for online reviews in our blog, 5 Ways to Encourage Great Online Reviews.

4: Use reviews to engage with your more prospects and close even more deals. 

Part of managing your online reviews is engaging with your potential clients. The real estate business is highly competitive, and many other agents out there will fight tooth-and-nail to snatch your clients out from under your dealings. Establishing rapports with potential clients is important and will put you ahead of your competition. 

Managing your online reviews is a solid way to establish bonds with your ‘people’ and gives you an opportunity to advocate throughout their homebuying journey. Answer their questions, provide them with multiple listings, and suggest amenities – all this via your online reviews. An online survey held by Walker underscored that customers value experience more than prices. Communication and transparency will help you win your clients over. Your positive online reputation will provide you with future success. 

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